Connecting woodlands across the Clyde Climate Forest

Forestry grant support for projects within the Clyde Climate Forest that help to connect up new and existing woodlands has been given a boost today.

Grant rates have been increased by £300 per hectare, and combined with funding through the Central Scotland Green Network grant, landowners can now receive up to £6,100 per hectare when planting new woodlands. 

More than 200 target locations have been identified where new woodland creation will link up important habitats, making the wildlife that rely upon them better able to cope as the climate changes. 

  • Grant rates have been increased by £300 per hectare

  • More than 200 target locations have been identified

  • 18 million trees planted across the Glasgow City region

The Clyde Climate Forest initiative is aiming to have around 18 million trees planted across the Glasgow City region, from Inverclyde to South Lanarkshire, over the next decade.

Landowners have an added incentive to plant native woodland and expand the Clyde Climate Forest to benefit wildlife and the wider environment.

Max Hislop, Clyde Climate Forest’s Director, said: “This boosted grant rate for new woodlands in target locations in our region is really great news!  I hope it will encourage landowners to consider creating new woodlands and take advantage of the generous grants that that are on offer. 

“Together, with advice and support from those involved in the Clyde Climate Forest, we can stitch back together our fragmented woodlands and thereby help to reverse decades of decline for our woodland ecosystems and wildlife.”

The new increased grant rates from Scottish Forestry will make tree planting more attractive to land managers and help to join up the woodlands in the Clyde Climate Forest area.  Woodlands targeted for connectivity may be developed on smaller parcels of land, integrated into farm businesses, or through building upon existing remnants of native woodland.  The attraction to landowners is that by creating new native woodlands, they can complement agricultural activities, provide shelter for livestock, boost biodiversity and potentially provide an income for the owner.

The Clyde Climate Forest is being delivered as part of the Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network, with support from Green Action Trust, TCV, Glasgow City Region, Trees for Cities, Scottish Forestry and Woodland Trust Scotland.

Woodland creation

Support for woodland creation can be found here


A new leaflet detailing the enhanced grant rates for Native Woodland Planting in the Clyde Climate Forest can be downloaded here.