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 About the Clyde Climate Forest

About the Clyde Climate Forest

The Clyde Climate Forest aims to plant 18 million trees across Glasgow City Region, an area that spans from Lanark to Greenock, as part of a new urban ‘forest’. Over the next decade, ten trees for every man, woman and child in city region will be planted.

Trees, woodlands and forests are recognised as essential if we are to address the Climate Crisis by reducing damaging atmospheric emissions and are crucial to assist in a recovery for nature.

There are a number of ways that you can support the Clyde Climate Forest and help us to achieve our target.

Help us plant 18 million trees

Their are lots of ways you can support us!

How you can help?


Help fund our work and support tree planting and tree maintenance.

Your donation will help us reach out target of planting 18 million trees over the next ten years.


Sponsor a local project

We are looking for sponsorship for the cost of tree planting and aftercare in our 16 Target Neighbourhoods. 

These urban areas have very low levels of tree cover and are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

If you are interested in sponsoring a local project in one of our target neighbourhoods or  supporting one of our live “1000 Tree" campaigns email us: business@clydeclimateforest.co.uk

Invest in trees

If you are a business interested in working with us to support your CSR objectives, or to achieve Net Zero targets, please contact us on business@clydeclimateforest.co.uk to explore how we can work together.

The CCF request organisations incorporate tree planting as part of a wider Net Zero plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

 Where are our projects?

Where are our projects?

Tree planting in these areas isn't cheap and the costs can't be supported through government forestry grants. We are looking for sponsorship for the cost of tree planting and aftercare in our 16 Target Neighbourhoods (see graphic on left).

We are promoting a "1000 Tree" campaign in 2023/2024, look at our projects page for more information.

 Volunteer to plant trees with us

Volunteer to plant trees with us

In the tree planting season between October and March, we run a small number of community planting events that volunteers can support. Information on all our live planting opportunities can be found on our news section.

You can sign up to our enewsletter to keep up to date with opportunities!

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Support us


Help fund our work


Sponsor a local project


To support your CSR objectives.