We are in the midst of a climate emergency

We are in the midst of a climate emergency

We all need to do what we can to limit the scale and consequences of climate change. 

Tree planting isn't the solution to the climate emergency, but it is part of the solution.

We need businesses across Glasgow City Region (and elsewhere) to help us deliver ambitious targets for the Clyde Climate Forest. In doing so you may:

  • Help achieve your company's Corporate Social Responsibility commitments;

  • Compensate for some of your company's environmental footprint;

  • Gain employee commitment to your company's environmental credentials;

  • Gain some useful public relations and media coverage.

How you can help

Support Community Tree Planting

Funding is required for various types of small urban tree planting projects that are ineligible for forestry grants. Many of these projects could provide the opportunity for a business to help build climate resilience in local communities. Organisations based in Glasgow City Region may also wish to encourage staff to participate in a corporate tree planting activity.

Achieve 'Net Zero'

Through purchase of local carbon credits - Purchasing carbon credits from landowners in our region helps to encourage more local landowners to plant more woodlands bringing about wider benefits to those who live and work here. A local investment can be verified, more easily visited, and contribute towards creating a stronger regional economy as well as regional ‘Net Zero’ targets.

CCF Charter

The CCF Charter is for organisations who wish to promote their support for the Clyde Climate Forest and use the CCF logo. 

The Charter requires organisations to have a Climate Change Strategy which includes carbon sequestration through tree planting as part of a wider Net Zero plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce fossil fuel consumption

 Support Our Campaign

Support Our Campaign

The focus of our activities for tree planting in urban areas is areas that have very low levels of tree cover and are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change - flooding from heavy rainfall events or overheating in heatwaves. We are working in the following Target Neighbourhoods in 2023/24:

  • Central Greenock, Clydebank East, Levern & District, Rutherglen, North Motherwell, Bellshill, Blantyre, Barrhead, East Renfrewshire; and Foxbar & Brediland

We are looking for sponsorship for the cost of tree planting and aftercare in these areas. What we offer in return is recognition of your support on campaign materials and PR opportunities at the time of planting.

 Are you a business who owns land?

Are you a business who owns land?

Here's what’s on offer:

We can provide you with information and advice on: 

  • woodland planting grants that are generally available; 

  • financial support mechanisms that are specifically available for Clyde Climate Forest projects;  

  • free Woodland Potential Assessments

Have a look at our landowner section for further information here.

Case Studies

Private Sector

McLaughlin & Harvey

  • McLaughlin & Harvey signed off their new Carbon Strategy with a commitment to Net Zero by 2030

  • To achieve their Net Zero plans, McLaughlin & Harvey will be investing in the Clyde Climate Forest

Farming Sector

Hillhead Farm, Torrance

  • Planting trees across 27ha with Forestry Grant Scheme support on unproductive land

  • Diversification to secure the family business for generations

  • Reducing carbon footprint and supporting ecosystems

Get involved

Are you an community, business or landowner who wants to get involved?

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