Large Scale Carbon Projects



Planting new forests and woodlands is one of the most effective ways of taking carbon out of the atmosphere to help achieve 'Net Zero'.  

The carbon trees and woodlands lock up can also help meet individual business, council or organisational carbon off-setting and mitigation targets and can be a source of income for landowners through the sale of carbon credits, or as a valuable timber crop and income stream in future years.

New forests provide natural flood management, improve air quality, and are an important habitat for wildlife in addition to being effective carbon sinks.

At Clyde Climate Forest, we’re working to encourage large scale tree planting in ‘preferred’ and ‘potential’ areas identified in the regional Forest and Woodland Strategy.

Woodland Strategy
 Large-scale planting

Large-scale planting

We have a number of large-scale planting projects currently developing across the region including at Faifley (see below).

Moving forward we want to up the scale of tree planting and encourage more public and private landowners to help us identify appropriate sites.

Lots of financial incentives are available through Scottish Forestry’s Forestry Grant Scheme. If you are a landowner within the CCF, interested in tree planting we can offer free advice and help to explore opportunities.  Contact for more information.

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Case Studies

Case Study

Cart & Kittoch

Cart & Kittoch woodlands is owned by Glasgow City Council and lies on the southern fringes of the city, between the communities of Castlemilk and Carmunnock.

Over 30ha of new native woodland was planted on the site between 2020-2022 with the majority of the site previously used for agricultural purposes. The new woodland planting has helped to create an integrated woodland habitat that stretches around the southern edge of the city from Linn Park all the way to Cathkin Braes Country Park.

Delivered by Green Action Trust, the £125k project saw nine different species of native broadleaf trees planted including Common Alder, Downy Birch, Bird Cherry, Holly, Pendunculate Oak, Rowan and Hazel.

The initiative followed a review of the city's landscapes by the council. Green Action Trust, in collaboration with communities, found there were significant opportunities for expansion of woodlands and habitats at the southern edge of the city.

The planting was funded through Scottish Forestry’s Forestry Grant Scheme.

How Can I Get Involved?

Do you land we can plant on, can offer financial support or do you want to volunteer to help?

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